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Lucky Gems

Lucky gems is a new form of slots game fromTriple Profits Games. The brand-new slots game spin without any reel. Any matched symbols will be replaced by anothers set of symbol, you'll receive a payout with the currently active multiplier applied. Not just that! Special feature also appears to triggers a re-spin for you!

TPG Triple Profits Games

DJ Mario

DJ Mary is a unique music game with only exciting drums and touching music, and your purpose is only one - use your accurate judgment and super luck to get gold coins and win the reward, prove to you that you are Is the ultimate DJ master!

TPG Triple Profits Games

F1 Racing vs Golf Club

Four-wheel drive track, fast racing, challenging speed and passion.Flying wheels, full of gasoline can trigger and
Golf as an ancient aristocratic movement originated in Scotland in the 15th century.It has a long history and a long history. Which one do you prefer for these two games?

TPG Triple Profits Games

Recommend TPG Slots 

Goldy Piggy / Jin Ping Mei / Travel Frog / Book of Dragons
These are all TPG 2019 game recommendations
Sexy, cute, magical, splendid slot machine at TPG

TPG Triple Profits Games

Goldy Piggy

The Pig is the twelfth of the 12-year cycle if animals which appear in the Chinese Zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. It’s also commonly called the “year of the Pig”. According to the myths, the Pig was the last to arrive when the Jade Emperor called for the great meeting. 

TPG Triple Profits Games

Journey To West

Tang San Zan with his disciples through the hardships during the journey to west. This story have long been known by everyone. This slot game with the theme of “Journey to West” definitely will takes you to experience the excitement of the story together with the tang San Zan and his disciples!

TPG Triple Profits Games

 Lucky Boy

The lucky boy character is well-known as the first auspicious character in China and it also the protagonist of this slot game! The story mainly tells a lot of interesting stories happening on Lucky Island. This game offered many free spins and attractive bonuses. Lucky boy will blessing you to win more treasure in this game.

TPG Triple Profits Games

Mahjong House

The mahjong is one of China’s national quintessences with long historical story. Have you ever try the slot game which combination of Chinese mahjong and western style of slot game? Let’s come and try your luck!

TPG Triple Profits Games


The Sichuan opera face is one of the stunts of the Sichuan opera performance. Come and experience the best slot game with the traditional Dong Feng! This game provided special features to excite you with red fan wild symbols, big prizes and more surprises waiting for you in the game!

TPG Triple Profits Games


“Pac-man” is one of the well-known games from the era of arcades. With lots of dots to eat, as well as occasional fruit that for bonus points, and special power to eat the ghosts which are chasing you. Till now, Pac-man has not waivered over the years, with the latest innovations in technology, we have turn it into attractive slot game. Regardless of you have played or not, from now on you can experience new style of Pac-man game with us, play with it!

TPG Triple Profits Games

Jin Ping Mei

If you want to know how obscene Pan Jin Lian is,
then you must try out this new innovative slot game! 
With up to 20x bonus games, there are multiple,
unlimited free spins! You will enjoy the time with
Pan Jin Lian!

TPG Triple Profits Games

Journey Frog

Our "travel frog" slot games was inspired from one of the most popular Japanese games.The storyline of the game is based on a travelling frog who gain so much on its personal adventures.

TPG Triple Profits Games

Book of Dragon

Our Book of Dragons slot game unfolds a fantastical tale of magic and dragons. Once these magnificent beasts ruled the lands, but now they have been captured and contained within the pages of a spell book. Can you free the dragons from the evil clutches of the evil Magician?

TPG Triple Profits Games

Soccer All Star

Each of the world cup tournaments has accomplishment several great players from different countries. With this, we have well-designed a slots game to respect those great football stars. who will bag the Cup this year?

TPG Triple Profits Games

The Advisors Alliance 2

Based on a thrilling two-part television period drama series, our The Advisor Alliance slot game is an inspiring saga spanning both the Eastern Han and Three Kingdoms dynasties.

TPG Triple Profits Games

Ruyi's Royal Love in the Palace

At the time of the game, there was a unique gameplay in the game to win a rich gift. The red bonus game energy bar can be used to draw bonus games; the blue free-rotating energy bar can be freely rotated. Invite your friends to join the competition and share this gorgeous and sophisticated Dongfeng game!

TPG Triple Profits Games

Monster Killer 2

Monster Killer is our exciting slot game that was inspired by a popular Chinese fantasy TV series. Our story begins with an amnesiac, wandering immortal, who senses within himself the power to communicate with the undead spirits that roam the living world. 

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