4D Fishing Fortune


Fishing Fortune Introduction

4D FISHING FORTUNE is an advanced RNG game featuring the world’s first Portrait fishing arcade in perfect first-person perspective. Having Portrait mode design, the player is benefited to use one-hand control of shooting with 360-degree panoramic map support. Moreover, most of fish facing up and dashing towards the screen may give the player more direct and interactive experience in betting. Better illusion of control better player engagement in capturing opportunities. 4D fishing fortune is definitely the latest benchmark for a new generation of RNG games!


4D FISHING Market Edges

Highly Customizable and Wider range of Bet Limits

  • Multi Bet limits selection for player in the lobby

  • Wider range of bet limits for capturing mass market as well as high rollers

  • Customized bet limits to meet different markets’ needs

Friends-to-join Experience and Engagement ever

The player can join the friend's room to by entering the friend's ID then go fishing together.

The User friendliest Consecutive Bet Modes Design

  • "One-hand control" Swipe screen and lock target by one hand then long press to shoot by one finger!

  • “Target Lock” that enables player to have better controls

  • “Auto Fishing” that enables player to place “All-In"

  • “Tap & Hold” that enables players to make consecutive bet with ease, simply by holding the target fish

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