Fishing Fortune 360

Go Gold Fishing 360

Fishing Fortune Introduction

Fishing Fortune 360” and "Go Gold Fishing 360" are a brand new version of the fishing arcade for gaming market, players can enjoy 360° front view angle while aiming at fishes with clear value indication, with the highest 1000x payout value.


New Style: 5+3 Jackpot System

System automates a lucky draw when player filled up JP progress bar.  The higher the bet stake the higher opportunity of huge JP it will be. Don’t feel bad if player didn’t win any JP this round, there are 3 other encouraging prizes to keep player’s passion.

The Best Multi-player UI

for Best Players Interaction

  • First ever 8x multiplayers UI, allowing operator to generate the highest bet amount.

  • Best chance for smart players who takes shots at low blood level fish.

  • Finger-swipe motion for 360° rotation.

  • “Target indication” provides a clear line aiming at the target.

Life Bar

The Best Illusion of Chance 

  • Players will witness the deduction of blood level after each shot or will have a chance to win with one shot.

  • The stronger the gun (with the higher value of bullets) the more blood level will be deducted. 

  • Players will know the moment of winning when blood level is empty/ zero.

The Wildest Game Design

with the Most Robust Math

  • Life bar design - We provide life bar indicating blood level of each fish, each shot will deduct blood level.

  • On-site dynamic payout design - There are three pirate ships of gold, silver and copper to swim in the scene, and each time the player can shoot them to pitch for extra gold coin reward.

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