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TPG is a RNG (Random Number Generator) software supplier, launched in April 2014 with one focus to provide cutting-edge products designed specifically to improve conversion rates and NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) for gaming operators.

Using experience built over many years, our experts have developed a range of gaming products with world class back end reporting, player retention tools and marketing features. These products will increase the following:

  •  The value of your current marketing speed

  • Your active customer database

  • Your net gaming revenue 

We understand that the players want cross-platform and user friendly experience and operators need to maximize the value from each player. Thus, our gaming products have been specifically designed and engineered into incorporate marketing, bonus management system in a way not seen before, allowing operators to reap an improved reward from their marketing spend and to grow their active database and net gaming revenue.

By combining the expertise we have from being pioneers in the development of slot games for smartphones and with our deep passion for revenue enhancing gaming products, we produced our flagship product - a fusion of casual social gaming and real money games.

We know players are concerned about reliability and honesty. Consequently, all our products are strictly tested for accuracy and reliability. Games are developed with the idea of "responsible gaming" in line with the GLI specification.


TPG is focused on producing ground gaming product and fully understands the importance of long term relationships. That is why we work closely with our partners and provide them with key professional services, including systems integration of our products and on-going support and advice to ensure they fully maximize the revenue potential from our ground breaking products.

  • Comprehensive Management system with Single Control Centre

  • Innovative and Optimized Design

  • Lightweight Application Design

  • Open Architecture

We will be able to personalize and provide services in accordance with your requirements.

With TPG reliable operational and strong marketing experience, we strongly believed to cooperating with TPG is the most suitable choice to expand your business and increase your revenue.

we know the value of data – or more precisely we know the value of information. Our advanced reporting suits analysis the information held in your database and turns it into valuable usable information accessible from our easy to use dashboard. Our informative straight to the point dashboard display allows gaming operators a quick glimpse snapshot of the business in key information such as:

  • Traffic Pattern

  • Players Trends

  • Profit or Loss

Our dashboard has been carefully designed so you can (a)easily measure your business performance, (b)understand your clients better, (c)deliver higher customer game play and (d)increase profits to your business.


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