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TPG is the first game development company to perfectly combine the concept of "Social Gaming Tools" into slot games. We have always adhered to the core culture of “Las Vegas Values + Asian Theme + Millennium Social Tools” to achieve the best production of “Illusion winning effect”. This year, we will launch more than 100 slots games. Each game will have a different “RTP” & “Volatility” to cater to different market segment of players. From a development standpoint, we apply accurate numerical algorithms, game mechanics, and gaming atmosphere to increase the stickiness of games. We also utilize innovative CRM tools to ensure and improve the players' retention of playing. All games are designed and develop in-house with high-quality interactive art and rational game size for players to download. We have always been focused on our vision to create a high quality product resulting to a top-tier player experience.

To ensure a “win-win situation” among clients and players, the client will be eligible to select 2 games per month from the most updated games selection list. The selection will have the best value as it will have the most popular games from Asian online and global land based casinos.

  • "Booster"- A player can buy a wild card or lock wheel at an extra cost so that a player can win every round while guaranteeing the profit of the clients.

  • "Values"- The latest games, themes, and values are based on the hottest games in land based and online casinos.

  • "Branding"- We provide customize or tailor-fit brand games for clients according to client requirements.

  • "Retention rate"- 130-200 innings for the first time and 300 to 500 innings for the second time.

  • "Player Retention Program"- CRM tools that will be launched in the second quarter of 2020 will include: free games, calendar rewards, player competitions, special prize pools.

  • "Precise"- To launch two games per month.

By combining the expertise we have from being pioneers in the development of slot games for smartphones and with our deep passion for revenue enhancing gaming products, we produced our flagship product - a fusion of casual social gaming and real money games.

We know players are concerned about reliability and honesty. Consequently, all our products are strictly tested for accuracy and reliability. Games are developed with the idea of "responsible gaming" in line with the GLI specification.

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TPG is focused on producing ground gaming product and fully understands the importance of long term relationships. That is why we work closely with our partners and provide them with key professional services, including systems integration of our products and on-going support and advice to ensure they fully maximize the revenue potential from our ground breaking products.

  • Comprehensive Management system with Single Control Centre

  • Innovative and Optimized Design

  • Lightweight Application Design

  • Open Architecture

We will be able to personalize and provide services in accordance with your requirements.

With TPG reliable operational and strong marketing experience, we strongly believed to cooperating with TPG is the most suitable choice to expand your business and increase your revenue.

we know the value of data – or more precisely we know the value of information. Our advanced reporting suits analysis the information held in your database and turns it into valuable usable information accessible from our easy to use dashboard. Our informative straight to the point dashboard display allows gaming operators a quick glimpse snapshot of the business in key information such as:

  • Traffic Pattern

  • Players Trends

  • Profit or Loss

Our dashboard has been carefully designed so you can (a)easily measure your business performance, (b)understand your clients better, (c)deliver higher customer game play and (d)increase profits to your business.


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